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Collaboration Programme – Lucent Concepts

Collaboration Programme

How We Work

Our collaboration programme 

Lucent Concepts Ltd looks forward to discuss possible ideas for possible collaboration.  This program is for both individuals and businesses.

We have a strict ethical policy and thus we will refuse any work which is against the Maltese jurisdiction or international legislation visavis the internet and data.

Speak to us today if you want to collaborate with us.

Our Programme

Fast Payment of referral commissions

We value tradition and cultures and thus are welcome to work with different regions, religions and cultures

Malta - Europe based

We are based in the Mediterranean gem of the Maltese Islands , Europe. Malta is also an EU member

Meet us

We are based in Pembroke, Malta

Modern approach

Our products and services are given modern trends allowing you to enjoy added value


Our company representatives are multi-lingual, Maltese, English and Italian.

Company registered under the Maltese jurisdiction

Our Business is registered under the Maltese jurisdiction

Foreign Clients

We do offer services to foreign clients however we might not always be in a position to send our staff abroad and would mostly prefer internet/telephone conferences.

Research and Development

We are a company that continuously carries out research and development for the improvement of our services

Why Choose Us

Lucent Concepts has a formal set up whereby all clients are treated professionally. We take time to understand each of our client’s needs. We also offer weekend and evening support if needed.

Our client-centric approach to all our business operations allows us to maximise on our past endeavours and draw on long-term benefits we ourselves have contributed towards. We have invested in human resources to continue to assure impeccable, flexible, and cost-effective services to accommodate all needs whenever they may arise. Our team contingent enjoys this extensive customer oriented synergy that increases our ‘quality assurance’ to always put our clients first.

We look forward to carry out business collaboration with your firm, joint projects and other business opportunities What we are looking for in a collaboration:

Like-mindedness of values
Shared-aims in creating connections
Increased understanding of business needs